Sanne Kabalt Artist Statement


When describing what photography does, the verb often used is capturing. Though, problematically, it suggests the imprisonment of the subject matter. The verb is used for words too. Yet, once something is captured, it is no longer out there, no longer wild, no longer free. I work mainly with the media of photography and writing. Thematically, I am engaged in the realms of illness, death, madness and loss. Working with themes like these requires delicacy and sensitivity. You do not capture people who are ill. You do not seize them by force, you cannot throw them in a bag over your shoulder to take home. The word ‘capture’ is inadequate because it implies confining people within categories, holding them in a space smaller than themselves. There is a need for nuance, for a way of creating and sharing in which neither the subject nor the viewer is contained or imprisoned. In my work I am continuously rethinking photography, striving to dissolve margins and unsettle capture.