Newsletters by Sanne Kabalt, paper, handmade, sent to you by mail. 



Once in a while I create handmade paper newsletters. For every newsletter I invent a new way of sharing what I am up to and inviting people to exhibitions. My newsletters have included a set of postcards, a poster and an interview. 

If you'd like to receive the next edition just fill in your details at the bottom of the page. 

#12: Winter 2018

#11: Autumn 2017

#10: Spring 2016

#9: Summer 2015

#8: Spring 2015

#7: Winter 2015

#6: Autumn 2014

#5: Winter 2014

#4: Autumn 2013

#3 : Spring 2013

#2 : Winter 2012

#1: Summer 2012

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And last but not least, paper mail is beautiful but expensive. The prints, envelopes, and especially all the stamps cost quite a lot. If you appreciate receiving the newsletter I humbly ask you to contribute a little to the costs. Clicking the stamp below will send you on to Paypal where you can easily donate any amount you wish. Thanks a lot!