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Skagaströnd Conversations

She: Every country has got something. Otherwise people would not live there. It would be empty. We have the Northern Lights. For me they are just, so normal, like a drink of water. 

I: Wow. For me it is so special here. You have so many things. The mountains. Where I come from everything is flat. 

She: Yeah, and the whales. Last summer there were some fish here that the whales like to eat. We could see whales all the time. 

I: But could you see them from land? 

She: Yes, sure, just from right here.

I: Oh.. Are whales like a drink of water too?

She: Well, almost. No.. They are a glass of wine.


View over the bay, on a misty day last week, taken a few steps from my current studio.

A couple of hours later I was walking along the Spákonufellshöfði cape,  when a man called over to me:

He: Hallo! (… something in Icelandic …) 

I: Hallo? What?

He: Ah. Where are you from?

I: Holland! 

He: Do you see the whales? 

I: What? I’m coming over to you. 

He: Look, whales, whales! There and there, everywhere!

I: Oh! Thank you! I see them! Thank you!

… (he left)

I: (humming to myself) whaleswhaleswhaleswhales!

Something in the water near Spákonufellshöfði