Blog by the artist Sanne Kabalt


I often dream about sealions. I reckon it started with a photograph I took in the second year of my Photography studies. The photograph was significant to me, because I won a prize called De Fotoprijs with it and it was exhibited in the Nederlands Fotomuseum. I remember introducing myself to a very good photographer later and him recognising my name and proclaiming “You are the sealion girl.”

Ever since I’ve dreamed of sealions the size of whales, sealions that rescued me from oceans, called me from bridges, talked to me and swam with me. 

Once I dreamed that I myself was a sealion, and halfway through the dream I had a lucid thought that seemed to have great importance; I have to tell everyone that swimming as a sealion is much better than flying.  

I made the photograph as well as the video in Artis Zoo, Amsterdam.