Blog by the artist Sanne Kabalt

De Torenkamer / The Room in the Tower

This week is a special week for me. I will work in a room in a tower in het Vondelpark. It is a mini artist residency; both in time (a work week, five days) and space (a very small room indeed). The project is organised by Avro Tros, Opium & NPO Radio 4. I will write blogs every day this week, in Dutch, on the website of the Torenkamer project. All Dutch-speaking folks can read about my work and process here: and (even better) listen to me talk about it on national radio. 

Monday evening I will be on Radio 4 around 23.00 o'clock. Wednesday same time, same place; Radio 4 at 23.00. Friday it all starts a bit earlier; at 22.30, and this final interview will also be filmed. If you are in the neighbourhood, you are also welcome to come to the Vondelpark and witness Friday's interview live, I'd be happy to see you there!

Sanne Kabalt